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The Art and Science of Getting Good WordPress Support

Publié par Châteaux dans les vignes il y a 547 jours Imagine this: it’s been a productive WordPress weekend. You’ve been busy puttering away on the new website you put together for your cat-lovers’ club and you’re pleased with the progress so far. You found an adorable kitty-friendly theme, snagged a memorable site address, added some snazzy widgets in all the right places, and you’re finally […] » lire la suite

New Theme: Forefront

Publié par Châteaux dans les vignes il y a 555 jours Today, I’m excited to announce our newest theme. Don’t worry, your calendar is not broken. It’s not Theme Thursday but we just couldn’t hold this theme back any longer! Forefront is a business and corporate theme designed by one of our own, Takashi Irie. The theme is packed with nifty features such as custom page […] » lire la suite

New Theme: Trvl

Publié par Châteaux dans les vignes il y a 560 jours It’s Thursday, and you know what that means on new themes! Today we’d like to introduce you Trvl. Trvl is a tumblelog theme that’s all about blogging. With a beautiful and simple design by Danny Cohen, Trvl puts your posts front and center. Literally. It supports a variety of post formats to mix up the […] » lire la suite

Websites for the Greater Good: Non-Profits on

Publié par Châteaux dans les vignes il y a 583 jours All kinds of organizations make their home on small businesses, municipalities, religious organizations, schools, community groups. We also provide an online HQ for quite a few non-profits, from the global to the hyperlocal. They turn to for an easy-to-use, low cost solution that gets them an effective web presence without diverting thousands of dollars […] » lire la suite

Un domaine à l’honneur : Les Temps Perdus, Clotilde Davenne, à Chablis

Publié par Ecce Vino il y a 600 jours Clotilde Davenne est installée dans l’Yonne, à Préhy, à quelques kilomètres de Chablis, au Domaine des Temps Perdus. Pourtant, s’il y a quelque chose qu’elle n’a pas à perdre, c’est bien son temps, très précieux en ce mois de juin (2012) où la météo harcèle sans répit le vignoble. « C’est de la folie » avoue-t-elle. » lire la suite

Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks

Publié par Châteaux dans les vignes il y a 601 jours Last month Cheri took a look at longform writing on, and how tagging your over–1000-word posts WPLongform can help fellow bloggers, readers, and the editors of Freshly Pressed to discover longer, more in-depth material in the Reader. Since then you’ve shared a huge variety of work under the WPLongform tag, and in today’s post, [...] » lire la suite

New Themes: Bon Vivant, SemPress, and BonPress

Publié par Châteaux dans les vignes il y a 609 jours It’s Threeme Day! I’m proud to present three new awesome themes! Meet Bon Vivant. Bon Vivant is a quirky restaurant-oriented theme designed by Denise Chandler. With a unique custom header information area, food menus support, Open Table registration widget, and a prominent space for your business’ phone number, Bon Vivant is the perfect choice for [...] » lire la suite